Spectrum Medical Management Services Inc

11 Reasons Why You Should Use

Spectrum Medical Management's Billing Services

1. Control - Over your medical billing. You'll know exactly when and how much charges are billed, collected and outstanding. Management reports disclose the financial condition of your practice and aid you in reducing overhead costs.

2. Statements - are automatically prepared, ending your paperwork hassels and end of the month crisis.

3. Insurance Claims - are automatically and promptly generated, decreasing payment turnaround time and improving cash flow. Electronic Medicare, Medical, and third party claim processing reduces payment time to 12 to 14 days.

4. Income Maximization - aged account receivable information is regularly provided to improve your collection process...thorough and complete billing reduces loss of income...unpaid insurance claims reports enable you to follow up on overdue payments.

5. Billing System Reliability - is assured because your billing service is always there when you need it.

6. Personalized and Professional Services - your own Spectrum representative works closely with your staff in implementing and maintaining an effective and trouble free billing system.

7. Insurance Claim Follow Up - this service provides complete follow up action on all unpaid insurance claims; improving the collection of income that you should now be receiving, but that is usually lost due to the lack of acccessible information and staff time.

8. Reasonable Cost - for about the equivalent cost of a part-time employee, your billing problems and paperwork are eliminated and your income maximized.

9. Minimal Commitment - after an initial trial period, you may discontinue services with 30 days advanced notice.

10. More Time to Practice - with Spectrum's professional billers getting the billing out and bringing the payments in, you and your staff have more time for the practice of medicine.

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